Are Co-working Spaces the Future of Work?

Are Co-working Spaces the Future of Work?

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The pandemic brought about significant changes to our lifestyles over the last two years. Primarily, a switch to working from home as opposed to going to an office or a coworking space post-COVID-19. With changing rules in social distancing, working models, and an overall transformation in how we work today, what is the future of coworking spaces? As per a recent survey, the coworking space industry in India is set to grow by a whopping 50 million square feet by 2023. We explore the current advantages of coworking spaces and how they could still govern the future of work despite the changing dynamics in the world.

Coworking Spaces Are Designed To Boost Productivity 

While a lot of employees have taken to working from home rather positively, a significant part of the workforce still prefers working from an office environment. This is because working from home proved to be a disadvantage for professionals who couldn’t afford to have an environment that’s conducive to productivity due to various factors. Coworking spaces are intelligently designed to boost productivity. With unique additions like focus rooms, confined spaces, high-speed internet, and stocked pantries that you don’t have to worry about unlike a home office, you get to work distraction-free.

Coworking Spaces Offer Minimal Risk 

Real estate, especially for office spaces has skyrocketed ever since India has grown as the IT Hub of the world. We witnessed the trend of the biggest companies in the world setting up shop in various cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore, only to have them absolutely empty during the pandemic. This ends up being extremely expensive – whether you run an MNC or a start-up. In a post-pandemic world, coworking spaces offer a safety net for companies to test waters while returning to an offline working model. Since the costs aren’t as exorbitant as one’s own private space, they offer minimal risk and are lighter on the pocket too!  

Coworking Spaces Promote Better Work-Life Balance 

A lot of professionals have reported poorer work-life balance ever since they started to work from home during the pandemic. The pressure to be online and connected constantly, and respond to emails and texts after work hours has become the norm for scores of Indian professionals. This has led to a poorer work-life balance, where one is expected to always be working. This explains why a co-working space is in demand nowadays – spaces like Growork offer a simple plug-and-play model, where you leave your work at the office after your work day. 

Coworking Spaces Are Set to Get More Inclusive in 2023 

Mental and physical health have now taken center stage where inclusivity is not a buzzword anymore. It makes great business sense too; having people of various backgrounds is only going to help boost your organization’s growth further. Modern coworking space trends in 2023 predict that spaces will be made to host a safe and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds to work together. Right from community building workshops, spaces for neurodivergent professionals, and spaces for the physically challenged, we see coworking spaces that will be designed keeping their specific needs in mind. 

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